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Setting up geodata provider

You can configure the geodata provider to be used by clients on per-user basis in T.Commander.


  1. In order to use MapBox, sign up for a free Mapbox account and create an access token. Learn more details at https://docs.mapbox.com/help/getting-started/access-tokens/.
    You can either use a single token for all clients, or register a separate token for each client type (T.Flex Android, T.Flex iOS, T.Rodon). The latter offers you more flexible approach to monitoring the usage and managing the costs of the Mapbox subscription(s).
  2. Open T.Commander and go to server properties.
  3. Fill in access tokens in Mapbox access token (Flex Android), Mapbox access token (Flex iOS) and Mapbox access token (Rodon) fields.
  4. Open user properties.
  5. Expand Map and tracking and choose Mapbox under Geodata provider.


  1. Open T.Commander and go to user properties.
  2. Expand Map and tracking and choose OpenStreetMap under Geodata provider.
  3. Select a tile source in client settings, if necessary.