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One-to-many and many-to-many voice communication

T.Rodon adopts the push-to-talk (PTT) approach of group calls that is a staple of trunking radio. This allows a single person to reach all users in a group. To initiate a group call, select a channel in the channel tree and push the PTT button.

  • Depending on how the administrator has configured the size of the PTT queue for the server, if you press PTT while someone is talking, you may find yourself unable to join the PTT queue. In that case, wait for silence in the channel.
  • There may be a per-server administrator-defined time limit on how long PTT can stay pressed at a time. If the limit is set, the PTT button becomes released automatically when this much time passes. For this particular limit, there is no indication in T.Rodon of how much time is left.

T.Rodon lets you communicate in a group whenever you need to, keeping the PTT controls available at all times. Based on the PTT concept, you as a dispatcher can react immediately and communicate with the selected group. After that, you can go straight back to what you were working on previously.

Favorite PTT: group talk presets

To avoid the busywork of setting up custom channels every time you need to talk to the same group of people, use the Favorite PTT plugin, which lets you create shortcuts for such channels.