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Individual call

This is the equivalent of a one-to-one simplex call, providing secure point-to-point communication. The other user can be anywhere in the network, in any channel.

To make an individual call

  1. Right-click the user you need in the user list, and select Call.
  2. Wait for the other user to accept your call, and then use the PTT button to start talking.
  3. To end the call, click the red handset icon.

Depending on administrative configuration, the status bar may show a countdown to disconnection during your call. The timer is reset every time that either participant uses the PTT button. This way, the call is ended automatically if both participants let the timer run out.

After the end of a call, users return to their previous channels.

You can initiate a call to a user that is currently offline. In this case, you are prompted to record a voice message.