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Push-to-video call

In a push-to-video (PTV) call, the participating users have to push the PTT button to send voice and video. In this type of call, there are two participants, but the ability to have several active PTV calls at once makes it a form of many-to-many communication.


Make sure that you have a stable Internet connection both ways when placing or receiving PTV calls. The quality of a video call depends on the participant with the weaker connection.

To make a PTV call

  1. Right-click the user you need in the user list, and select Push-to-Video.
  2. Use the PTT button to start talking and transmitting video.
  3. To end the call, click the red handset icon.

If you make a new PTV call to a second user, a third user and so on, the video feeds for all of these simultaneous PTV calls are added as new tiles to the video call view.

PTV call tiles


Additional concurrent calls will require more powerful hardware on the T.Rodon computer to perform video processing and transmission. The system was tested with up to 16 simultaneous PTV calls. Your particular environment might comfortably handle more or fewer simultaneous PTV calls, depending on your hardware and network capabilities.

To switch from one call to another, simply click the tile you need or select the corresponding PTV channel in the group list.

Communicating with a user

You get video and audio data from all active PTV calls at once, but you can talk only in one of these calls at a time.

To talk to the user on the selected PTV call, click and hold anywhere on the call tile or click the PTT button.

During the call you can turn the camera on and off and mute or unmute the microphone. Click the camera or microphone icon on the corresponding tile to disable video or audio, and click the icon again to turn it back on.

Camera and microphone controls

Ending a call

To end a PTV call, click the red handset button in the left pane and in the drop-down list select the call you want to end:

Hang up

The call is also automatically ended if the initiator manually hangs up in T.Flex.