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Points and waypoints

T.Rodon works with two types of fixed objects on the map: single points and waypoints. A single point indicates a specific place. A waypoint indicates a transition from one place to another; a set of connected points suggests a specific route for a user.

To create a single point, go to edit mode, click the Draw a marker button and place the new marker where you need it.

To create a waypoint, go to edit mode, click the Draw a waypoint button and place a few points as necessary. To finish drawing, click the last point you drew.

To move an existing single point or waypoint around, go to edit mode, right-click that point and select Move. After that, you can drag the point to a new location.

To view a list of existing single points and waypoints, toggle the Waypoints button in the toolbar of the Map Tools window.

The following options are available in the context menu for a single point or waypoint (shown when you right-click it on the map or in the list):

  • Center on map
  • Move
  • Remove point
  • Remove waypoint
  • Properties
    Points and waypoints have the same set of properties, which control the appearance of the points and strokes between them on the map.

When the map is zoomed out enough that points cannot be told apart, they are clustered together, and each cluster shows the number of points in it. Clusters are color-coded to indicate how many points they contain:

  • 2 to 9 points: green
  • 10 to 99 points: yellow
  • 100 or more points: orange