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Guard tours

A guard tour represents the security patrol route of a mobile user. In T.Rodon, guard tours are created, managed and assigned to T.Flex users, who are supposed to travel to the designated checkpoints in the right order and meet the schedule in the process.

To view a list of existing guard tours, toggle the Guard tours button with a shield icon in the toolbar of the Map Tools window.

Creating a guard tour

  1. Go to edit mode.
  2. In the draw panel in the map area, click the Draw a guard tour button with a shield icon.
  3. Place the checkpoints for the route on the map as necessary. Follow the on-screen prompts for guidance.
  4. Click Finish.

When you have created a new guard tour, the Task Manager plugin automatically creates a new task for it.

A newly created guard tour is only a collection of points, not a valid route. You need to configure it before it can be useful.

Configuring a guard tour

To set up an existing guard tour, open its properties. For that, go to edit mode, right-click the guard tour on the map or in the list, and select Properties.

The guard tour configuration options are organized in three tabs in the properties dialog box:

  • General
  • Points
  • Schedule

Starting and stopping guard tours

T.Rodon operators can start and stop guard tours. A mobile user can start a guard tour assigned to that user, but cannot stop it.

If a user is already on a guard tour, an operator cannot start a new one for that user.

To start or stop a guard tour, right-click it in the map area or in the guard tour list and select the corresponding action.


Specify the following:

  • Name
  • Description
  • User
    The user to assign the guard tour to
  • Mode – how the user passes the checkpoints:
    • GPS – simply by arriving in the vicinity of the checkpoints, within the radius specified by the Accuracy option
    • QR – by scanning QR codes located at the checkpoints
    • NFC – by tapping NFC tags
  • Accuracy
    Radius around the checkpoint; used only in GPS mode and set to 50 meters by default

For details about the data that needs to be encoded in the QR codes and NFC tags at checkpoints, see Task management and control.


For each listed checkpoint, you can edit the name, coordinates and description. If the guard tour uses QR mode, then the identification string to be encoded is mandatory.


Set a one-off or recurring schedule for the guard tour.

Guard tour events

During guard tours, the following events can appear in the T.Rodon Events Journal:

  • Guard Tour Start
  • Guard Tour Stop
  • Guard Tour Checkpoint
    A checkpoint was successfully reached before the countdown is over.
  • Guard Tour Timeout
    A timeout was hit before the checkpoint was reached.
  • Guard Tour Skip
    A checkpoint was missed; the user needs to visit it anyway, no matter if they have reached any other checkpoints.
  • Guard Tour Finish
    All checkpoints were successfully passed.
  • Guard Tour Check-in Failed
    An incorrect QR code was scanned.