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Map Tools

Map Tools

T.Rodon provides an integrated map component with GPS tracking capabilities. To work with it, use the Map Tools plugin view in the right pane. You can do the following on the map:

  • Zoom in and out
  • Switch to detailed street view
  • View the precise positions of TASSTA users and locate them
  • View the "who is talking" status and identify users
  • Center on a specific user
  • Call a user that you have located
  • Take advantage of integrated functionality from other plugins: send a message to a user, assign a task, mute a user and so on
  • Change the colors of channels and whether their participants are displayed on the map

For details about these common actions, see Basic map operations.

In addition to this functionality, the Map Tools plugin offers the following advanced features:

  • Map Tools open automatically at the application start if the Start map tool after login option is selected on the Map Tools page in the configuration settings.
  • If the "maptool" service goes offline, a message about this is displayed, and all Map Tools features become unavailable. If you close the plugin at this point, you will not be able to reopen it until connection to the "maptool" service is restored.