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Lone Worker

Lone Worker

Lone worker protection (LWP) is a set of features implemented across the TASSTA solution components to meet codified safety requirements, defined in the DGUV 112-139 standard (view in PDF format) and other regulations. These requirements are developed specifically for lone worker users, who work by themselves without close or direct supervision. Establishing a safe working environment for a lone worker can be different from organizing the safety of other employees. Although it will often be safe to work alone, the law requires employers to think about safety and risks before people are allowed to do so.

LWP functionality is managed in T.Rodon, but it is enabled on a per-user basis by the TASSTA administrator in T.Commander.

On the Lone Worker page in the configuration editor, you can enable three emergency communication options in any combination for all lone workers at once: GSM сall, email, SMS. For each option you need, repeat the following: select the check box next to that option and press the Apply for all users to the right of that option.

The Lone Worker plugin view shows and lets you change the statuses of LWP features for all lone workers. Green circles for specific options mean they are enabled; red circles mean they are disabled. Users with enabled LWP features are displayed at the top.

To optimize the table view, use the user search filter and the Only enabled and Only disabled options at the top.

To set values for any LWP parameters, click a user and go to the configuration panel that opens on the right for that user. Change the settings as necessary and click Save. If you want to restore and apply the default settings for the user, click Restore Defaults.

Some parameters have a maximum, minimum and recommended value. If you set a value higher than the recommended value, the field is highlighted red with an exclamation mark, and the recommended value is shown in a tooltip.

  • Each time you turn an LWP feature on or off, this change is synchronized with the server and reflected in T.Commander.
  • You can view a user's LWP status on the map.

LWP from the lone worker's standpoint

This topic discusses LWP from the T.Rodon operator's perspective. For descriptions of particular protection features and details about their operation, see the Lone worker protection topic in the T.Flex Android User Guide.