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Introduction to T.Rodon

T.Rodon offers a full-featured command and control center solution that can be deployed as a desktop application or run on a laptop in the field in mobile environments. It offers operators a professional toolset for communication and dispatch:

  • A variety of call types, including group, individual, broadcast and video calls
  • Messaging and record history (except conference channel communications)
  • A task management system for organizing and managing a business
  • GPS and indoor location tracking, with advanced map functionality for geofencing
  • Lone worker monitoring
  • Monitoring and logging of emergency calls

T.Rodon ensures that users can connect and communicate with each other from every corner of the world using an Internet connection, even a slow one.

The solution can be deployed in minutes on a computer running up-to-date Windows and scales to the needs of a variety of power users: dispatchers, managers, security operators and others.

Your experience may vary:

Whether specific controls, options or even entire views in T.Rodon are available to you depends very much on the configuration choices made by your TASSTA administrator. Be aware that some of the features described in this guide may be disabled at the server level or disallowed on a per-user basis. If you require some documented functionality that appears to be missing, try taking this up with your administrator. See also Troubleshooting through administrative reconfiguration.