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Getting started with T.Rodon

To use T.Rodon, you need to log into the TASSTA network with valid credentials of an operator-level user account.

You are prompted for the credentials the first time you start T.Rodon – supply the user name and password. On the first run, you also need to specify where you are connecting to. For that, click the Settings button in the login prompt. On the Connection settings page of the Settings dialog box that opens, configure the following:

  • User name
  • Password
  • Server domain name (or IP address)
  • Server port

For more details, see Connection settings.

  • If you want to save these settings and avoid the login prompt in the future, select the Autologin option on the same page. Otherwise, you are prompted for the user name and password every time you start T.Rodon.
  • If you want to view the status of the TASSTA framework components on the server side, click the Check servers button in the login prompt. This displays the current state of services and applications associated with the server that you specified in the settings.

In addition to connection settings, before your login session has started, you can configure the options related to the following:

Apply your changes and log in.

For more details about login sessions, see T.Rodon login session specifics