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Favorite PTT

Favorite PTT

For the quickest possible access to the channels that you frequently communicate in, you can set up customized PTT tiles in the Favorite PTT plugin view.

For that, click the Add new button and specify the following PTT button settings:

  • Name
  • Color
  • Order
  • Type:
    • Static
      Specify the channel in which the group call will occur.
    • Dynamic
      Specify the users (comma-separated list of user names) who must participate in the dynamic call and the timeout to deactivate the call (the call will become inactive if the channel remains silent for this long). If the channel is deleted, the PTT button becomes inactive. For details about dynamic calls, see Dynamic group call.
    • Emergency
      See Emergency call for details.
  • Channel
  • Status Messages
    A tile can contain one or more colored circular buttons that are shortcuts for sending specific status messages to the tile's channel. If you regularly send the same status messages to the same channels, save time by adding status message buttons to those channels' tiles. For that, select the status messages you need from the drop-down menus under Status Messages. You can add up to four status message shortcuts. To send a status message, simply click its shortcut circle.

To modify or delete an existing button, click the cog icon in the upper right corner of that button.

All Favorite PTT settings are saved independently for each TASSTA user on the local computer.

Call request view

Your active call requests are shown at the bottom of the Favorite PTT view. Scroll the call request grid by holding down the left mouse button and dragging.

Here, you have the same call request management tools as in the Call Queue plugin view.