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Emergency Journal

Emergency Journal

All emergency messages go to the emergency journal, regardless of channel and type. To work with it, click the Emergency Journal plugin button in the right pane toolbar. Information is presented as a table with six columns:

  • Type
    There are a variety of emergency message types: plain emergency call (SOS), LWP event or zone-related notification. Depending on the type of emergency message, the corresponding icon is displayed next to it.
  • User
    The user who initiated the emergency.
  • Time
    Date and time when the emergency message was sent.
  • End time
    Date and time when the emergency was closed.
  • Message
    Message that is specified in the zone for a particular situation.
  • GPS coordinates
    Coordinates of the place that the emergency message was sent from (if the user's device is equipped with GPS hardware).
  • Indoor location
    Coordinates reported by the indoor localization system.

Each item also has a button that takes you to a location on the map showing where the emergency call was made. If an emergency message contains GPS coordinates, then this button is bright and clickable.


To filter the events, expand the Filter area. Add the parameters you want to filter by, provide values for them, and click Apply. You can combine as many parameters as necessary – this will have the effect of composing an AND expression.


  • To get recordings from a particular time period, add a Date and Time parameter with the Between operator, and set the date and time range for it.
  • To get events initiated by a specific user, add a User name parameter and select the user.