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Call Queue

Call Queue

The Call Queue plugin view shows all call requests made to you by other users. Call requests are a way for mobile users to notify you as the operator that they would like you to call them as soon as you are able to do so. The requester can change the priority from normal to high.

Call requests can be active, in-progress and closed. By default, all open and in-progress requests are shown. To view closed requests, select the Show closed check box.

You can accept or reject an open call request by selecting that call request in the list and clicking one of the buttons on the right. You have the following options for accepting the call request:

  • Respond by entering the requesting user's channel and pushing PTT
  • Respond by making an individual call to the user
  • Respond by making a direct call to the user

If you enter the requesting user's channel and that user has left the channel, the call request is dropped. The call request is closed as soon as the operator has responded in one of the ways above.