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Troubleshooting through administrative reconfiguration

In the course of your T.Rodon use, you may run into issues that are out of your reach to fix but can be easily resolved by your TASSTA administrator. Sometimes a simple administrative reconfiguration is enough to considerably improve the experience of users.

This topic lists a few known workarounds and fixes for problems of this nature.

Stuttering video and audio during calls and remote capture

Have your administrator check the following in T.Commander:

Configuration properties Reason
JB1 size and JB2 size in server options The server may be buffering fewer network packets than necessary for a smooth media stream.
Codec settings in user options The codec may be misconfigured, resulting in poor performance.
Force TCP in server options Some network environments and entire jurisdictions restrict the use of the UDP transport protocol, which TASSTA uses by default. This results in loss of data. By wrapping data into TCP packets, the TASSTA system ensures its network traffic is not affected by that particular restriction.