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Issues resolved in 1.07.19

ID What was wrong
15819 The sorting order in the channel list should be by ID instead of A-Z/0-9.
20950 Filters are not applied to the task list in the Task Manager.
21783 If you assign a guard tour to the user with the highest available ID, that guard tour is not shown in the map tool.
22021 Users' aliases are always shown in DeepMap, even if alias display is turned off in optional settings.
22192 The SFS Maxi foot pedal USB accessory doesn't work as a PTT button.
22350 T.Rodon crashes after you change the connection credentials and server in the settings and click Save.
22424 If you release a dynamic group's channel and select to move the users to a channel that is restricted from them, T.Rodon makes endless attempts to move the users to that channel instead of failing once.
22465 During indoor localization for a location with multiple levels, modifications to level information don't result in correct information updates in the UI.