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Issues resolved in 1.7.47

ID What was wrong
TR-67 When a T.Flex user is speaking in a broadcast call, that user is shown as offline.
TR‑130 When you play back recorded PTV calls, the video resolution varies from user to user, and the participant list is not cleared between replays.
TR-231 If a channel with an apostrophe (') in its name is added to the call queue, this causes T.Rodon to crash.
TR-320 If you try to log in as a user with special characters in the user name, this can cause a "SyntaxErrorException" error and a failed login.
TR-336 Display of users from hidden groups doesn't behave according to the state of the Hide offline users option in T.Commander.
TR-344 Filters may not work in local history.
TR-361 If the administrator updates your user profile settings while you are in a call, you may get an error and T.Rodon may stop responding.
TR-367 Multiple emergency channels are shown if a user leaves their own emergency channel and triggers a new emergency.
TR-370 In a PTV call with three or more participants, when you switch tiles, the video icon changes to the off state by itself, and the video is turned off.
TR-377 Bridged emergency channels from PMR don't get the red background color as they should.
TR-379 Audio transmitted from T.Rodon may sound choppy and distorted on the receiving T.Flex end.
TR-399 Memory management issues can cause T.Rodon to crash after about an hour of uptime.
TR-400 Sometimes the tiles in the Favorite PTT view fail to make calls.
TR-411 In a PTV call with three or more participants, video turns off in the tile of the user who has the floor.