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Issues resolved in 1.7.45

ID What was wrong
If a user rejects your request for a remote picture or the request times out, you get a misleading "Error taking picture" notification.
TR-188 Messages still appear in chats when they have exceeded the history retention threshold.
TR-219 The Add new button in Favorite PTT view is too big.
TR-305 If you set the PTT key to Undefined in the application settings, it becomes impossible to type in text boxes throughout the T.Rodon UI.
TR-318 You can define status message tiles with duplicate settings in Favourite PTT view.
TR-350 No notification is shown when your remote photo request is rejected.
TR-357 When T.Rodon and T.Flex users communicate in an emergency channel, in some cases PTT transmission does not occur from the dispatcher to other users. Pressing PTT in T.Rodon several times in a row sometimes helps.

In addition, several minor look-and-feel issues were addressed.