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Issues resolved in 1.7.41

ID What was wrong
TR-80 If a video call ends while outgoing video is turned off, then you T.Rodon does not transmit video in your next call; you have to toggle outgoing video off and on again to start transmitting the video feed.
TR-285 T.Rodon can crash if the data.mv file becomes corrupted and unrecoverable.
TR-304 If there is a Periodic Check U alarm from a user followed by loss of connection, then an emergency event is received and shown in the Event Journal, but not in the Emergency Journal; there is also no emergency notification in this case.
TR-307 At the first launch, Mark all as read button is absent from the Event Journal.
TR-308 When you play back recordings from history, the tracks end a fraction of a second too early.

In addition, several minor stability issues were addressed.