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Issues resolved in 1.7.39

ID What was wrong
TR-133 Multiple emergency channels and video player windows are shown if the Flex client reconnects during an emergency that it initiated.
TR-144 Users' indoor position markers are not always displayed.
TR-155 T.Rodon processes no more than 1000 indoor localization measurements, even if more are returned.
In the indoor level editor, wide level images are displayed incorrectly.
TR-162 T.Rodon crashes when you delete a large number of indoor localization measurements at once.
TR-168 In the indoor DeepMap, tooltips for rooms don't disappear and can only be removed by reloading the page.
TR-170 In the indoor level editor, measurements from the previous level are visible on the current level until new measurements are received.
TR-176 In the indoor DeepMap, only one marker is displayed for multiple users in the same location.
TR-205 Emergency channels may be duplicated if Rodon reconnects to the server in the middle of an emergency.
TR-207 Some plugin tabs can be empty after the application starts.
TR-248 The Task Manager plugin fails to initialize if network connectivity is poor.