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Issues resolved in 1.7.38

ID What was wrong
The Cancel button doesn't work in the Local Map configuration dialog box.
T.Rodon always switches to the Messaging view after a PTV call ends.
The Emergency Map does not show active emergencies that started before T.Rodon logged in.
There are no notifications about incoming call requests.
TR-44 T.Rodon crashes a short while into a multi PTV call.
TR-66 When you enter a channel chat, you don't get new messages from the channel. The messages appear only after your next login.
TR-73 Remote listening requests from Flex clients are not accepted.
TR-83 The sound of a missed call does not disappear if the missed call is deleted from the history.
When T.Rodon logs in, it fails to display an emergency in an accessible channel that is a child of an inaccessible channel. This happens even if the emergency was shown at the time of the last logout.
TR-95 T.Rodon may reconnect if a user whose default channel is inaccessible to you logs out.
TR-106 Remote listening requests from another T.Rodon client are not accepted.
TR-127 On the first run, the Emergency Journal and Event Journal tabs appear empty.
TR-142 In the Danish localization, the letter Ö with a diaeresis is displayed incorrectly.