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Issues resolved in 1.7.34

ID What was wrong
22228 Notifications about new messages don't include the names of attachments.
22623 In Map Tools, clicking an emergency message with coordinates doesn't display user on the map.
23160 The Open Local Record button is missing from the Local History plugin view.
23293 Voice audio from T.Rodon is choppy for mobile users.
23494 MCGW SMS and email channels do not work, and there is no explanation in the T.Rodon log.
24934 The Favorite PTT view shows aliases instead of user names even though display of aliases is disabled.
25122 Guard tours with lots of points may fail to be displayed in Map Tools and may prevent other guard tours from being displayed.
25257 Sometimes GPS state starts to switch between on and off every few seconds.
25303 In Task Manager, drop-down lists may show duplicate items.
25338 The sound quality of multi-listened channels gets worse when the Restore channel listening option is enabled.