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Issues resolved in 1.7.32

ID What was wrong
17721 The lock icon on the PTT button is shown whether or not E2EE is enabled by the administrator.
23408 During encrypted calls, the audio may be poor or absent altogether.
23928 The mute button does not disable audio transmission during PTV or MPTV calls.
24682 The Emergency Map plugin view does not disappear if receiving emergency calls is disabled for your user account by the administrator.
24863 The sorting order may be broken or reversed if you click a column header before repagination completes.
24867 Filtering by Assignee does not work for teams.
24904 When you make a call from T.Rodon, a missed call notification is erroneously sent to the receiving user as soon as the call is answered.
24945 The user list in Map Tool does not show offline users.
25019 If you type leading or trailing spaces or quotes in a Task Manager filter value, this causes errors.
25053 Video emergency and video calls stop working if T.Rodon reconnects to the server during a session.