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Issues resolved in 1.7.30

ID What was wrong
22800 It is not possible to change the sort order of tasks in Task Manager.
23103 Old user markers stay on the local map (Indoor Localization).
23216 It is not possible to create a level in a newly created location (Indoor Localization).
23410 T.Rodon sometimes does not play the sound of broadcast calls received from T.Flex for Android.
23424 Memory leaks and subsequent application crashes.
24064 Wrong timestamp is shown in the Emergency Journal.
24146 TLion server version option always resets to 5.4 in Connection settings. This may prevent T.Rodon from logging in or reconnecting to new (5.5, 5.6 and above) T.Lion servers.
24192 Video Emergency plugin always shows up during emergency, even if Video Emergency is disabled in T.Commander.
24383 T.Rodon incorrectly displays T.Flex emergency user as a speaker, even after it releases a PTT button.
24415 Users are not shown in channels (except for Main) after restarting a port.
24417 Broadcast call button disappears after reconnecting.
24420 Push-to-video status is not updated for users added to Create call list.
24420 Push-to-video calls become unavailable after reconnecting to the server.
24314 Requests to OpenStreetMap are blocked due to unsupported header.
19808 Task Manager does not show any tasks occasionally after re-login.
24328 Minor UI fixes.