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Issues resolved in 1.7.49

ID What was wrong
In the Indoor Localization view, sorting doesn't work for the position history of users who are offline.
In the Indoor Localization view, the mouse cursor sometimes changes to resizing arrows in the Advanced Options menu.
TR-227 The PTT button does not work on the Pei Tel PS12 external USB microphone.
TR-362 The Pei Tel PS12 external USB microphone can stop working when T.Rodon is running.
TR-393 In the Call Queue view, after you answer a call request by right-clicking it and selecting Respond all users with workgroup, the request is not closed.
TR-415 In the user list, selected users become unselected after a short while.
TR-445 When there are multiple T.Rodon operators online at once, the states of call requests are not synchronized among the T.Rodon instances.
TR-450 T.Rodon transmits video during a full-duplex call.
TR‑466 In a PTV call with multiple window tiles, the microphone and video controls in one tile affect the controls in other tiles.