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Enhancements in 1.7.34

ID What got better
23201 The client-side behavior for hiding offline users (can be configured per server by the administrator) is fully implemented. This reduces the load on the server and is essential for implementing isolated teams.
24316 When emergency calls are made in channels that are not reachable according to ACL rules, T.Rodon does not show popups for such emergencies anymore.
On the Maps page of the configuration editor, the Tile source option is now available. If the administrative configuration specifies OpenStreetMap as the map engine for your user account, this option lets you select the tile provider for your Emergency Map and Map Tools views. If your account uses the Mapbox engine, this choice is not available.
Note: Previously, the tile source could be configured only for Map Tools.
25228 The Favorite PTT plugin view can now hold more buttons, which are resized to fit the view so that you don't have to scroll.
25389 There is now an option for starting T.Rodon with its window minimized (on the Connection settings page). Note: If the Start map tool after login option is enabled, the Map Tools window is still shown on T.Rodon startup.
25425 All application icons have been updated.