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Updating T.Rodon from the server

T.Rodon supports automatic software updates from the TASSTA server. Distribution of new versions of T.Rodon is the responsibility of the TASSTA administrator and needs to be done in T.Commander.

To publish a new T.Rodon version on the server:

  1. Download the latest version of T.Rodon from https://tassta.com/download/. Scroll down to the "T.Rodon Windows client" section, click the T.Rodon drop-down button and select T.Rodon x64.
  2. Log into T.Commander. In the left pane, go to Settings | Tools | Version Management.
  3. Click the + (Create New) button above the version list.
  4. In the Upload Version dialog box that opens:
    1. Use the Browse button to upload the installation file you downloaded in step 1.
    2. Select the Is Latest Version option.
    3. If necessary, select Force Install to make the update mandatory for users.
    4. Set Application Name to Rodon Smart.
    5. Specify the version number.
    6. Click OK to apply your changes.

After that, T.Rodon users will be notified about an available update when they start the application.