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Installing T.Rodon

Download the latest version of T.Rodon from https://tassta.com/download/. Scroll down to the "T.Rodon Windows client" section, click the T.Rodon drop-down button and select T.Rodon x64.

To install T.Rodon, run the TASSTA-Rodon*-*.*.*-setup_x*.exe installation file you have obtained. Select the installer language and follow the steps of the installation wizard.


Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable is installed as part of the setup process. It is recommended that you agree to install it. If you already have a version of this package in the system, setup of the redistributable will fail, which is the expected behavior.

After you have clicked Finish in the installation wizard, T.Rodon setup is complete, and you can start the application. For that, run it from the Windows Start menu. You can also use the desktop shortcut to run it if you chose to create the shortcut during setup.