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User activity

Info by Users view mode shows recorded events for a selected user. This is the default mode of T.Recorder.
You can switch to this mode by clicking Info by Users tab on top of the navigation pane or by clicking View mode from the main menu and selecting Info by Users.

The navigation pane shows all users (name and ID) registered on the server. The list is sorted by user name. You can find users by typing any part of their name in the search field on top of the list. To select the user, simply click the name.


To copy the last registered location of the user to the clipboard, click Copy icon in the user's summary.

The activity history for the selected user is shown in the events list. You can filter out records by specifying the time interval in the user's summary and clicking Apply. The following activites are recorded:

  • Location and movement (GPS tab).
  • Switching between channels (Channel changes tab).
  • User name changes (Name changes tab).
  • Connection history (Connection stats tab).
  • Individual calls (Individual calls tab).
  • Group calls (Group calls tab).
  • Emergency calls (Emergency calls tab).
  • Written communication (Messages tab).

To view events of a certain type, simply click the corresponding tab.