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Advanced filtering

Real-life environments may produce thousands of events per day. T.Recorder offers advanced filtering capabilities, so you can find the required events even inside very large lists.

  1. Click Filter on top of events list.

  2. Click Add icon.

  3. Specify the filtering criterion:

    • Field name (based on the current tab).

    • Comparison operator:

      • contains - the field's text contains the specified value;
      • not contains - the field's text does not contains the specified value;
      • is - the field's value exactly matches the specified value;
      • is not - the field's value does not match the specified value.
    • The value of the filter.

  4. Click ACCEPT to apply a filter.

You can build complex queries by adding multiple criteria.

To remove a filter, click Remove next to the filter. To remove all filters, click Remove all below the filters list. To reset values of all filters, click CLEAR.

  • Advanced filters complement the time interval specified in the user's summary.
  • Advanced filters do not affect the exported data. All events from the specified time interval are exported regardless of the filter settings.