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Issues resolved in 0.8.15

ID What was wrong
21298 When you use the Multidownloader to retrieve data for a user, the resulting downloaded data does not include individual call recordings for that user.
21538 If you click Port multiple times, multiple dialog boxes are opened. Closing any of the dialog boxes will cause them all to close.
21542 Sometimes multidownloading is not cancelled with a warning as it should when there isn’t enough disk space for the requested data.
21544 If you click Download for a video that is already downloaded, the download process stalls.
21550 Sometimes clicking Download for an item causes a delay for several seconds before the file chooser opens. During that delay, the UI stays responsive and doesn’t indicate the download is about to start.
21554 The multidownload process can silently fail and leave the progress bar in the same state indefinitely.
21563 When you log out in T.Recorder, the player window stays open.
21578 Empty recordings without content are shown as having non-zero lengths.
21582 Videos are sometimes sped up during playback.
21599 Group calls sometimes fail to play.