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About T.Recorder

T.Recorder is a solution for tracking the history of all activities on TASSTA communication network.

The data is shown in a simple, user-friendly interface with advanced search and filtering capabilities. The recorded calls can be replayed directly in T.Recorder without looking for a specific file or installing additional software. The operator can view events in a timeline or show them on map.
If necessary, the history can be exported to a local drive and imported into analytical software or databases.


Call recordings, location history and all other sensitive data are securely stored on T.Lion server.

Key features

  • Call recording
    Replay every individual and group call, including emergency calls. Both audio and video streams are available with all the related details: timestamp, duration, channel, participants and so on. The records can be played directly in T.Recorder or exported in popular audio and video formats.

  • Message recording
    Keep track of all written communication on a server. The operator can view information on the sender and the recipient and read the message text. The list of messages with all details can be saved to a local drive.

  • Location history
    Track the users' location and movement: geo coordinates, course, speed. Location history can be exported to the file and then imported into a mapping software of your choice to see the user's path.

  • User activity reports
    Review users' activity that you might not recognize otherwise: connection history, visited channels, name changes.