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Configuring the server

  1. Open T.Commander.
  2. Click Settings > Tools > Recorder settings in the navigation pane.

You should see a list of the existing recorder profiles and servers, added to them (if any).

Adding a recorder profile

Recorder profile defines an access key for connecting T.Recorder to a single server or a group of servers. It acts as a security mechanism, limiting the access of certain operators to specific servers only. You must have at least one recorder profile to enable connections with T.Recorder:

  1. Click Recorder profiles editor icon in the toolbar.
  2. Click ADD button.

Profile name and access key are generated automatically.

Enabling activity recording

To enable activity history tracking for a server:

  1. Click Create new icon in the toolbar. The details pane is opened.

  2. Click Server and select a server for which you want to enable activity history tracking.

  3. Click Recording mode. There are 3 recording options:

    1. Recording is disabled - simply add a server without activating recording. You can turn it on later.
    2. Record call history only - only record call statistics (timestamp, participants, and the like).
    3. Record call history and media - record everything, including audio and video streams.
  4. Click Recorder profiles and select a profile you have previously created.
    To add a server to more than one recording profile, click additional profiles to select them or click again to deselect.

  5. Click Save button.

  6. You get a notification that you must restart the server to apply changes. Click Some servers need to be restarted. Click to restart. icon in the navigation pane and click the name of the server you just added.

  7. Confirm the restart.

The server is added to the selected recorder profile. If you have chosen Record call history only or Record call history and media mode, the recording will be activated automatically.


You can add a server to more than one recorder profile. In this case, it will be accessible with each profile's access key. You can create a "master key" for the system's administrator using this approach.

Getting access key

  1. Right-click a server in Recorder settings.
  2. Click Copy profile key to clipboard.

The key is put to the clipboard so you can paste it in T.Recorder or communicate it to the operator.