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Signing in

Contact your communication network administrator for T.Mugen web address, server port, and credentials.

  • Use the same connection information as for T.Flex or T.Rodon.
  • Signing in with QR code is not supported.
  1. Enter T.Mugen website address in your web browser. Sign-in page is displayed.
  2. Provide the port number of the communication server Port. It must be a numeric value, such as 65010.
  3. Provide your login (username) Login and a password Password.
    Note: Click the eye icon in the password field to display the actual password and click again to mask it out.
  4. Click Log In button.
  5. When prompted, allow T.Mugen to use your microphone.

Sign out from any other TASSTA client you are currently using before signing in to T.Mugen.