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Voice communication

To talk to all users on the currently selected channel, click and hold Push to talk button.

T.Mugen implements the classic push-to-talk (PTT) approach to group calls that may be familiar to you from your experience with mobile radios - only one user can talk at a time. Depending on your communication network settings, PTT behavior may slightly vary:

  • PTT queue - click and hold Push to talk button while another user is speaking. You will automatically claim the floor when the channel is released.
  • Priority PTT - if your priority is higher than the current speaker's, you will claim the floor immediately after clicking Push to talk button.

Call status indication

Push to talk button shows status information for a group call:

  • Light-green - the channel is free. Click and hold the button to talk.

  • Dark-green - someone (including you) is currently talking to a channel. Call details are shown on the button:
    PTT busy

    1. Channel name.
    2. Current speaker's name.