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Sending one-to-one messages

You can exchange direct messages with an individual user. To switch to the one-to-one messaging mode:

  1. Find the user in the list.
  2. Click Menu icon in the user entry and select Messaging.

Sending a message

  1. Write the message text in the field below the message history.
  2. To request the read confirmation from the message recipient, select Acknowledge option.
  3. Click Send message button.

The maximum message length is 4,096 characters. Long texts are sent as multiple messages.

Sending files

  1. Click Attach icon in the message field.
  2. Select one or more files.
  3. The list of files to be sent is displayed above the message field.
    You can remove any file by clicking Delete icon in the file entry.
  4. Type the accompanying message (optional).
  5. To request the read confirmation from the file recipient, select Acknowledge option.
  6. Click Send message button.

Each file is sent as an individual message.