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Working with message history

To show all messages sent to or received from a channel or a user, switch to the group or one-to-one messaging mode correspondingly. The message target appears at the very top of the message history.


The message history is displayed as a plain list sorted by the message date, with the newest messages at the bottom. Incoming messages appear on the left and outgoing messages on the right. To quickly jump to the last message, click Move to bottom icon in the message list.
When a new message is sent or received, you are automatically navigated to the very bottom of the list.

To find a message in a long list, enter any part of the message text in the search box at the top of the message history. The number of matches is displayed in front of the search box. Click up (newer messages) and down (older messages) arrow icons to navigate to the found messages. The matching text is highlighted.
To reset the search, clear the text in the search box. You can do it by clicking Clear icon in the input field.

Outgoing message status

The status of the outgoing message is displayed next to the message date.

Icon Description
Sent The message has been sent.
Read The message has been opened by the recipient.
Acknowledged The message has been acknowledged (marked as read) by the recipient.

Downloading attachments

Click Download next to the message containing a file. The file is saved to the standard downloads folder.

Copying message text to the clipboard

  1. Hover the message.
  2. Click Menu icon next to the message.
  3. Click Copy.

Quoting a message

  1. Hover the message.
  2. Click Menu icon next to the message.
  3. Click Quote.

Message sender's name, timestamp and text are placed in the message field.


Quoted message overwrites the existing text in the message field!