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Shutting down T.Lion and T.Brother

Before server shutdown, make sure all nodes are synced. Use SSH to log into the T.Brother server and take the following steps:

  1. Open the MySQL command prompt by typing mysql
  2. Run the following command to find out if the node is synced: SHOW STATUS LIKE 'wsrep_local_state_comment'
    Confirm that the result is "synced". If it isn’t, keep checking until this status is returned. It can take several minutes.
  3. To exit the MySQL command prompt, type: exit

After you have checked the T.Brother server, use SSH to log into the T.Lion server, and repeat the same steps for it.

Stop the MySQL service


Always make a backup first.

Use SSH to log into the T.Brother server and shut down the MySQL service as follows:

  1. Run the following commands in the shell:
   service mysql stop
   shutdown -h now
  1. Wait until the process completes.

Next, log into the T.Lion server with SSH and repeat the same steps.