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Backing up the TASSTA server database


Database backups contain copies of sensitive data and should be secured.

There are several ways to back up the TASSTA server database.

Using mysqldump utility

The mysqldump client utility produces a dump of MySQL database (as a set SQL statements) that can be executed to reproduce the original database and table data. Run the following command to back up a server database:

mysqldump --single-transaction tcommander > tcommander_backup_date.sql

Using TASSTA toolset

T.Lion offers built-in shell utility for backing up a server database. Run the following command on the T.Lion server:


– or –


The database backup is created in /var/backups.

It is highly recommended to keep backups on a different machine, so they are not affected by a potential server failure. Use a secure file transfer utility (such as scp / WinSCP) to transfer backups to the remote host.