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Issues resolved in 5.6.77

ID What was wrong
TLS-10 The last channel ID with a zero value is returned for users who have not previously signed in.
TLS-11 The last channel ID always reports an identifier of a parent static channel, even if the dynamic channel still exists.
TLS-33 [MapTool] The service fails when a guard tour mode is changed in T.Rodon.
TLS-42 [AMGW] An error occurs when resetting a server in T.Commander.
TLS-45 [Task Manager (EMC)] Clients are not notified when an issue is deleted.
TLS-49 [MapTool] If the paused guard tour checkpoint is skipped, the tour can no longer be stopped.
TLS-22 [EMC] Users can modify tasks that are not assigned to them.
TLS-63 [MapTool] If only one user is granted permission for a zone, that permission cannot be revoked.