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New features in 5.6.73

ID What's new
TLS-6 [File service] Generating thumbnails for images and videos.
TLS-3 [AMGW] Added support for guest access to T.Mugen web client via temporary links.
TLS-14 [Task Manager (EMC)] Added support for assigning a custom color to the task status.
TLS-16 [Task Manager (EMC)] Added support for creating, updating and deleting custom roles, statuses and priorities.
TLS-4 [TL Proxy] Added authentication via guest access links.
TSD-4329 (TLS-5) [MapTool] Guard tours functionality is extended with the following features:
  • Pausing and resuming guard tours;
  • Skipping checkpoints;
  • Logging and reporting guard tour events.
Important: The new implementation of guard tours is not backward compatible with older versions of clients. See Compatibility with other TASSTA solutions for more information.