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Grace period for USB license dongle


This procedure applies to licenses validated with USB dongle for T.Lion and T.Brother version 5.5.31 and later.

T.Lion / T.Brother regularly validates the license with the dongle. By default, it is done every minute.
If the dongle is missing or malfunctioning (for example, is accidentally unplugged), T.Lion / T.Brother enters the grace period.

Grace period

T.Lion / T.Brother remains fully operational. An on-screen license violation notification is displayed in each client application, and an audio message plays every time the PTT button is released.

By default, the grace period lasts for 10 minutes. If the connection to the dongle is restored, the license is immediately activated and all notifications are removed.

License expiry

If the dongle is still inaccessible after the grace period expiration, the license is deactivated.


All communication services are stopped and all clients are disconnected.

To reactivate the license, connect or replace the dongle. If the problem persists, check the Troubleshooting section or contact TASSTA service team for support.


  • Make sure the dongle is securely connected to the server and the USB port is operational.
  • Verify your license expiration date. If your license has actually expired, contact TASSTA Sales to renew it.
  • Make sure that the recent change of the date on the server has not expired the license.
  • Confirm that T.Brother server is not active and the time allocated for it is not used up. Contact TASSTA service team for support.
  • Check details in server logs with the command log-server.