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Setting up indoor localization

To activate or deactivate the indoor localization feature set and adjust its global settings, edit the following options in T.Commander:

Option Option name Details
Indoor Localization
(server option)
il_active This is the option that activates or deactivates indoor localization globally on the server.
Indoor Localization
(user option)
allow_ih This is the option that activates or deactivates indoor localization for a specific user. Configure this on a per-user basis. Note that enabling it for a user has an effect only if il_active is enabled.
IL Mode il_mode Select one of the following modes:
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Mixed
This option specifies what kind of signal source to use for indoor localization: wi-fi access points, Bluetooth beacons or both. Note the following compatibility issues:
  • Indoor localization over wi-fi does not work with Android 9 devices and iOS devices.
  • Some Android 8 devices may also have problems with indoor localization over wi-fi.
  • On Android 10 devices, wi-fi scan throttling should be disabled in the Developer options.
  • If Bluetooth is used, iOS devices collect measurements only in iBeacon format. You can configure your Bluetooth beacons using software such as BeaconSet or Kontakt.io, depending on the manufacturer.
To view the MAC addresses of wi-fi access points for so you can make an allow list, use the WiFi Analyzer application.
On Android devices, you can select your preferred indoor localization mode in the application settings before login.
IL share Interval il_share_interval How frequently mobile clients request their position from the server. The value is in milliseconds; the default is 1000. Values higher than 5000ms can reduce accuracy due to data buffering. This was done to reduce the chances of skipping signal from the signal source.
Indoor Share Location allow_isl Enable this for collecting measurements for training and requesting the current user position.
Enforce Privacy forbidden_to_send_gps If this is enabled for a user, others can see that user's position on the Map and Indoor screens only during an Emergency. In other cases, the user's position is visible only to that user and hidden from others.