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Create the location

In the indoor localization context, a location is an enclosed environment that you want to chart, such as a building. To create and manage a location, use the T.Rodon client application. You need to configure the following settings for a location:

Option Details
Name The location name is mandatory. It is visible to all clients.
Description The description is optional and shown only in T.Rodon.
DeepMap ProjectId This is used only for DeepMap data. A valid DeepMap project ID is required for switching T.Rodon to DeepMap mode.
DeepMap map file Use this to upload the DeepMap ZIP archive you need to distribute to mobile clients. Locations that have the same ProjectId field will share the same file, so it needs to be uploaded only once for each such location. Whenever the map file receives an update, upload the new version to replace the old one.
Latitude, Longitude, z These optional coordinates are used for DeepMap on mobile clients. They specify center of focus in case User position cannot be found.