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Create levels in the location

In your location, a level is a part that is at the same height throughout, such as a floor of a building. To create and manage a level, use the T.Rodon client application. You need to configure the following settings for a level:

Option Details
Level This is a mandatory field that specifies the floor number and is visible to all clients. Note that if you use DeepMap data, the ground floor often has the value 0.
Multiple levels can share the same value. In such cases use Level name to distinguish them. You can change this setting at any time.
Level name This is an optional field that is visible for all clients.
Set new map This option is mandatory. Specify an image in JPG format to represent your level. The resolution limit is 2000 pixels for the width and height. If your image exceeds that resolution, it will be scaled down automatically. We recommend using high-resolution images, because the image size affects the minimum grid step density during measurement collection.
Set new instruction Specify a PDF file containing instructions that must be accessible in Emergency Instructions in T.Rodon. It will be marked red during Emergencies on that level.

The following actions are available for levels:

  • Calibrate
    This opens the Calibration menu for the level. For details, see Calibrate the levels.
  • Reset
    This deletes all collected measurements and data for the level. ^{Note} Do not confuse this action with the Reset action in the Training menu.