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Building a high-availability cluster with T.Brother

The T.Lion is a powerful and scalable communication server, the heart of the TASSTA communication network. It provides a reliable communication with sub-second performance. The availablity of T.Lion server is crucial to the entire TASSTA ecosystem.

We offer a failover solution for your environment:

  • T.Brother – a backup communication server. It ensures an uninterrupted communication flow, even if the primary (T.Lion) server fails. T.Brother is an exact copy of the T.Lion, as such it should have the same hardware configuration.
  • Arbitrator – a service for monitoring T.Lion server availability. It automatically switches all comminication flow to T.Brother if the primary server experiences problems.
    While Arbitrator can be installed on the same server as T.Brother, we recommend using a dedicated machine. It has low hardware requirements, a basic server with Debian 9 would be enough.

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All data between T.Lion and T.Brother is synchronized using MySQL database replication mechanism.

The single point of contact for all clients is established with the Floating IP mechanism. Our solutions natively support:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic IP address
  • Telefónica Cloud
  • Hetzner Online
  • LAN interlink

Other providers might require a customization.

vrrp daemon automatically maintains the floating IP address as the primary address of the cluster. If T.Lion server goes down, the IP address will be automatically assigned to T.Brother. Once T.Lion comes back online, the IP address is returned to it.