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T.Lion is the central component of the TASSTA communications network. It manages users, provides communication between clients, records calls and activities, stores and processes geolocation information, calculates indoor positioning, handles lone worker protection, and provides many other services.

T.Lion suite includes a communication server, services that perform specific tasks (authentication, positioning, and the like), and Recorder Server that keeps the history of calls and messages.

T.Lion can be further extended with T.Brother – a backup communication server, which ensures an uninterrupted communication flow, even if the primary (T.Lion) server fails. T.Brother is an exact copy of the T.Lion; as such it should have the same hardware configuration.

TASSTA remotely installs, configures, and upgrades T.Lion and the related services on your on-premises hardware or in the cloud, so you do not have to worry about complicated technical details. All you need is to coordinate business details with TASSTA Sales, prepare the environment according to these instructions and grant access to our engineers.

Once T.Lion server is deployed, you can configure the communication network, deploy Android and iOS clients, and set up dispatcher workplaces.

This document provides detailed instructions on preparing your environment for deploying T.Lion.