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Configuring Amazon Web Services

Collect the following information before initiating deployment of T.Lion/T.Brother on AWS EC2:

  • Elastic IP ID (eipalloc-dbxxxx).
  • Elastic IP address. This address will serve as a single point of contact for a high-availability cluster.
  • Master node (i-xxxxxxccc).
  • Master node private IP address.
  • Shadow node (i-yyyyyyyyyy).
  • Shadow node private IP address.
  • Availability zone, for example eu-west-2.
  • AWS API username.
  • AWS API access key.

AWS user should be created and the appropriate access policies applied:


The above-mentioned links to AWS Console will only work if you are signed in to AWS.

Public server DNS should be bound to Elastic IP. Refer to AWS documentation for more information: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/vpc/latest/userguide/vpc-eips.html