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Access to people in your TASSTA network

In the TASSTA network, subscribers have associated user accounts, which are managed by TASSTA administrators. Interaction among users takes place individually or in channels, which are also managed by administrators. The terms channel and group are used interchangeably in the TASSTA framework most of the time.

To view the available groups and users and work with them, switch to the group list and user list.

Group list

The group/channel list is one of the main interfaces in T.Flex.

In this list, you can change your channel by tapping the channel you need. The channel you select is the one in which you talk using PTT.

Zone management

A zone is a collection of channels that is defined by the administrator in T.Commander. Zones enable users to switch channels conveniently.

Select a zone by tapping the corresponding icon in the top bar of the app.


This icon is not shown if no zones are defined.

Channel message

Exchange text messages with other users in the channel and send photos by pressing the camera icon that appears in the upper right corner. You can also attach a file from the device or from iCloud by tapping the corresponding option.


You may have no permission to enter specific channels. Such channels are not visible to you in the channel list. Channel access is managed by the administrator with ACL rules in T.Commander.

Selecting a channel may automatically take you to the main screen. This behavior is configured by the administrator in T.Commander.

User list

This list contains TASSTA user accounts created by the administrator.

Users in the list are color-coded based on their status:

  •  Green  means the user is online and a member of the same channel as you.
  •  Light gray  means the user is online but in another channel.
  •  Dark gray  means the user is currently offline.

Add users to your contact book for quick access. Select the user from the user list, click the More More icon and select Add to contacts.

For each user in the user list, a set of action icons is available to the right of the user name. This set varies depending on your permissions, the user's permissions, status of the user and the way the administrator configured the features of the network. The common actions include direct call, individual call, messaging, remote listening, remote picture and map location. The buttons for the available actions are shown in the top bar when a user is selected.

For offline users, the date and time of their most recent activity is shown.

For convenience, T.Flex provides a search bar at the top of the list. List filtering is applied as you type. In addition, you can sort the list by name or ID.


The precedence of returned results is as follows: ID, Session, Name or Channel contains the search characters.