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Task management and control

The TASSTA Task Manager system provides users issue management capabilities found in any modern CRM system.

It includes manual and automated processing algorithms with real-time status updates, user management, positioning, reporting, and administrative information. What’s more, the data can be integrated into other TASSTA services, web clients, and external databases. The Task Manager system is highly flexible and feature-rich. An issue can be renamed or transformed into an order, task, item, client or any other tracker type. The main features are as follows:

  • Adaptable to a variety of purposes
  • Tracking of tasks, orders and issues in real time
  • Customer service data
  • Centralized database
  • Status updates through QR codes or barcodes

For example, taxi and logistics companies use Task Manager to integrate order response with voice and data communication. The TASSTA Task Manager helps them create and track the order, follow the order status and preserve customer data.

Data exchange between the Task Manager server and the client uses the HTTPS protocol, which makes communication more reliable and secure.

The complete Task Manager solution is based on T.Rodon and T.Flex. T.Rodon is responsible for most of the control and management. The T.Rodon operator creates and assigns issues, orders and tasks. T.Flex users can change status, add notes, take pictures, attach files and add signatures.

Each issue/order/task has the following attributes:

  • ID
  • Name
  • Description
  • Title
  • Priority
  • Tracker
  • Progress
  • Author
  • Assignee
  • Created date and time
  • Notes
  • Last status update

In addition, the issue/order/task can have custom fields that are configured by the operator in T.Rodon.

It can also contain attached files (documents, signatures and so on). In addition, the schema can be extended by custom fields for storing specialized information in the system.

When the T.Rodon operator creates an issue and assigns it to you, you get a T.Flex notification in the phone’s task bar.

To see the full or filtered list of issues assigned to you, tap Task Manager in the main menu.

To create a new issue, tap the plus icon in the top bar and specify the name for the issue. The newly created issue is automatically assigned to you.

To work with a specific existing issue, tap that issue in the list. The following tools become available:

Icon Meaning
Edit Edit the fields of the issue
Add note Add a note
Attach a file Attach a file
Add a signature Add a signature