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Voice recording and call history

T.Flex provides a feature-rich voice recording and history call log. The TASSTA system can store vast amounts of voice communication data and call details for all channels and users. This data can be accessed through the History interface in T.Flex: you can view call details and replay recordings. You can do the following:

  • View call details: time, date, user or channel, duration
  • Play back voice recordings (individual and group calls)

To view the history, tap History in the main menu. Recent recordings for a preconfigured period are available on the history screen. How far back the items are available is configured by the administrator in T.Commander.

To replay a call, tap the "play" icon for that call.

Voice data storage and retention

The TASSTA system records conversations in real time and keeps the recordings on the T.Lion server. The only consideration for the retention of recordings is how much disk space the server has. This affects your administrator's decision on how much recent data to make available to users.